When I was out of the Zurich airport and on the train towards Basel one of the first things I noticed was the graffiti. Granted I didn’t really know much about the country but my impression of it was a clean and extremely disciplined place and I was somewhat surprised to see graffiti on several walls.

These I clicked on my way to Basel from the trainSwitzerland 004Switzerland 005

On a random street in Basel. This one was pretty neat.Switzerland 029

At a local park in BaselSwitzerland 048

These were at a structure that was adjacent to an exquisitely maintained football field. So it was actually quite a contrastSwitzerland 178

Switzerland 179Switzerland 177Switzerland 182

This is next to the same field but a section had much nicer workSwitzerland 181

Finally this was found on the street where I worked and it was actually quite beautifulSwitzerland 197

This one actually displays the name of the streetSwitzerland 198

On my trip I also noticed guys in uniforms spraying over walls sometimes to cover up graffiti and I also noticed places with the kind of work done above. I asked my co – worker about this and he told me that though most of the random graffiti i came across was illegal there were some places where the graffiti was commissioned and completely legal. It’s a great idea and for me really added to the charm of some places. I wonder if something like that could work back home.


1 thought on “Graffiti”

  1. actually we had a discussion about this recently…we had cleaned and painted a wall and someone came and painted graffiti on it. in some places it was just done out ofspite, no artistic thought…but some of it was revolutionary in nature, in support of some movement….it was beautiful to look at, just like the pics u’ve put up. Maybe this is the way to keep our streets clean, deter people from defacing walls and adding beauty to the streets. Bangalore in fact has historical paintings on 60% of its streets, they add a lot of character to the city!!!

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