When I was out of the Zurich airport and on the train towards Basel one of the first things I noticed was the graffiti. Granted I didn’t really know much about the country but my impression of it was a clean and extremely disciplined place and I was somewhat surprised to see graffiti on several walls.

These I clicked on my way to Basel from the trainSwitzerland 004Switzerland 005

On a random street in Basel. This one was pretty neat.Switzerland 029

At a local park in BaselSwitzerland 048

These were at a structure that was adjacent to an exquisitely maintained football field. So it was actually quite a contrastSwitzerland 178

Switzerland 179Switzerland 177Switzerland 182

This is next to the same field but a section had much nicer workSwitzerland 181

Finally this was found on the street where I worked and it was actually quite beautifulSwitzerland 197

This one actually displays the name of the streetSwitzerland 198

On my trip I also noticed guys in uniforms spraying over walls sometimes to cover up graffiti and I also noticed places with the kind of work done above. I asked my co – worker about this and he told me that though most of the random graffiti i came across was illegal there were some places where the graffiti was commissioned and completely legal. It’s a great idea and for me really added to the charm of some places. I wonder if something like that could work back home.