2 thoughts on “Crossroads”

  1. I think it has got to do with our population being so large and the other issues (I won’t say problems) which come with having such a large population.

    For example, if you went out of your way to help some stranger – or stop on the road for everyone to cross, you’d be perpetually waiting.

    Our daily life is full of adjustments and ‘excuse please’ situations which you may not experience elsewhere. I think the value o life definitely goes down when you see so much of it around you…

    A very well written article. Enjoyed reading it :)

  2. I agree with the fact that the population as well as traffic issues make such a gesture, though very thoughtful, impractical!! But we can’t use that as an excuse for our indifference towards traffic rules. They are there to prevent chaos and help us get to our destinations faster!! Breaking them just shows our lack of civic sense and thats something we really do need to improve!!!

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